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Course overview
Meditation means many different things to many different people. For some, meditation means peace and tranquility. For others, it's an abstract thing that people with too much time on their hands do. For many, meditation helps them focus and pierce through life’s distractions. For others, it's something the social-media generation invented to make themselves feel better about their Instagram account. 
Meditation from Sinai captures, concentrates, and conveys 3334 years of Jewish practice, Torah
wisdom, Divine knowledge, and Heavenly skills in a six-lesson course that will transform (and focus) your life.
6 consecutive Tuesday evenings begining 01 March

March 29th, 2022 8:15 PM
Chabad of Finchley
United Kingdom
Course Fee
4 sessions + textbook £55.00
4 sessions + textbook (concessionary price) £40.00
1 lesson £10.00